White Collar Criminal Defense

Waging Guerrilla Warfare for you!

White Collar Criminal Defense

The Weinberg Law Firm has successfully represented clients in every area of white collar defense, such as mortgage fraud, tax fraud, misappropriation of copyrighted material, etc.. We aggressively investigate the matter so as to identify weaknesses or ambiguities in the government’s case. We then wage guerrilla warfare using the facts and circumstances to outwork and out hustle the government. This has allowed us to obtain better results for our clients.

Most every white collar cases turns on the intent of the defendant. We carefully consider every potential argument that the conduct at issue was the result of an “honest mistake” or that the conduct was based upon good faith reliance on third persons.

Businessman taking US dollar cash money out of his suit pocket


John Weinberg

John Weinberg

The Weinberg Law Firm is led by former Special Assistant United States Attorney and Honorably retired Naval Officer John Weinberg.

White Collar Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions !!

The Representation of an individual regarding his involvement in a business transaction which either the United States or a State claims
violates the law.

Usually, mail/wire fraud, tax fraud, defrauding a federal or state financial institution (i.e Mortgage fraud), insurance fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, bankruptcy fraud and money laundering.

Because of the unique issues involved, the most effective defenders either have served as an Assistant United States Attorney or have had extensive civil litigation experience.

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