Bankruptcy Litigation

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Bankruptcy Litigation

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases it is becoming more common for creditors to file an adversary proceeding arguing that a particular debt should not be discharged. Usually this is based on an argument that some alleged misconduct of the debtor should cause the Court to deny the debtor his bankruptcy discharge. The adversary proceeding will be conducted as a trial like any other civil trial. The Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will govern this proceeding. The Weinberg Law Firm has regularly defended debtors in such adversary proceedings. We aggressively pursue discovery and file Motions whenever appropriate.

Adversary proceedings are deadly serious. To avoid denial of a bankruptcy discharge, it is necessary to aggressively defend and fight every issue which legitimately can be contested.

The Weinberg Law Firm has found through experience that fortune favors the resolute and the determined. We stand ready to use our battle tested methodologies on behalf of clients with such needs.

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John Weinberg

John Weinberg

The Weinberg Law Firm is led by former Special Assistant United States Attorney and Honorably retired Naval Officer John Weinberg.

Bankruptcy Litigation Frequently Asked Questions !!

A legal proceeding to prevent a debt from being discharged during a bankruptcy case or to increase the assets available to the creditors.

The formal name of the proceeding to conduct bankruptcy litigation. These proceedings are governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal rules of evidence.

They vary in duration based on the amount in controversy and the complexity of the facts.

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