Contract Disputes/Litigation

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Contract Disputes/Litigation

Many people first consult an attorney when a dispute arises out of an existing contract. Ideally an attorney should be consulted before you enter into a contract. This will afford you the opportunity to add or remove terms of the contract so as to make the agreement more palatable to you.

However, even if a contract has already been signed and a dispute arises, there are numerous issues which a creative attorney can raise.  There are remedies and defenses when contracts are breached.

We carefully evaluate the facts and the relevant law in each situation and custom tailor a plan of action. Even if there is a valid contract (which conclusion we challenge whenever possible) there are numerous defenses including lack of consideration, material breach by adverse party, failure of the adverse party to mitigate damages, frustration of purpose, statute of frauds, etc. Every tool in our tool box will brought into action where applicable.



John Weinberg

John Weinberg

The Weinberg Law Firm is led by former Special Assistant United States Attorney and Honorably retired Naval Officer John Weinberg.

Contract Disputes Frequently Asked Questions !!

Agreements between two businesses to buy or sell products or services.

Agreements between different parties to enter into a business relationship.

Any arbitrator can be picked, if the parties so agree.

I first spend time determining the clients’ goals, including whether there will be future business dealings with the other party. I then prepare a strategy and proceed accordingly.

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