Securities and Commodities Litigation

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Securities and Commodities Litigation

Many investors believe they have been victimized by improper conduct by brokers and their firms in either the securities or commodities field. The Weinberg Law Firm has represented clients who have suffered losses as a result of a brokerage firm’s failure to supervise financial advisers who have made inappropriate investment recommendations, have excessively traded or “churned” client accounts, have inappropriately used margin accounts with clients, or have been involved in misrepresentation or misappropriation.

The Weinberg Law Firm also represents securities and/or commodities brokers in both civil litigation and in regulatory proceedings or disciplinary proceedings. While it is imperative to maintain polite communications with the adversary, the Weinberg Law Firm aggressively asserts every point that either exculpates the client or mitigates the extent of his liability, when defending or maximizes liability and damages when prosecuting.



John Weinberg

John Weinberg

The Weinberg Law Firm is led by former Special Assistant United States Attorney and Honorably retired Naval Officer John Weinberg.

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They are business attorneys who handle the various understanding and other paperwork involved in the fundraising activities.

It is a lawsuit arising out of an existing transaction in which the Plaintiff alleges that the Defendant tricked him into entering into a

Usually they do not. It is best to hire a Litigation attorney.

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