Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation

When a deceased family member leaves a significant amount of money or property, relatives who believe they did not receive their entitled inheritance may challenge the will, asserting either undue influence over the deceased or the alleged lack of capacity to make a will or other disposition of property. These cases are difficult and sensitive.   

The Weinberg Law Firm tailors its approach to the particular facts of each case. At times we meet with all the parties and their representatives to resolve matters and other times, when necessary, we aggressively litigate. We are tenacious and aggressive while doing our best to keep the peace among the parties.

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John Weinberg

John Weinberg

The Weinberg Law Firm is led by former Special Assistant United States Attorney and Honorably retired Naval Officer John Weinberg.

Probate Litigation Frequently Asked Questions !!

Trusts, bank accounts insurance policies, brokerage accounts, real property,
vehicles, and such.

Only if there is some property which cannot be transferred without a probate
Court Order.

A trust is a separate legal entity with its own tax identification number which
holds money and/or low property on behalf one or more third parties.

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